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Colin has been given the international accolade of being recognised as the Most Successful Inspirational Visionary and Modern day Philosophical Spiritual Advisor.
Now residing in Shinrone, Roscrea, County Offaly, but available for distant and personal one-to-one healing plus international workshops and psychotherapy courses, Colin and Irene offer their services and vision of a unique International Healing Clinic wherever they pause to Heal.
The nearest airport is Dublin, Shannon or Cork, 90 minutes easy drive away.
Colin and Irene, shown on ITV with Sol Productions and other tv and radio programs have established a broad network of healing interests in the UK, Ireland, France Spain, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. the Far East. Brazil and the greater world scene.
Colin is also available at to teach directly by accessing the Source of his soul channels for a unique world vision, it is a direct message and is freely available to the whole world as a challenge.
This detailed channeled message is of utmost importance. You cannot ignore this, nor any of his channeled inspirational messages from distant star systems who share a common interest in the welfare of humanity
So, my dear friends, Please get in touch with Colin for more information about this amazing instant vision of with absolute truth and enlightenment. His originality is exceptional.
Here in the county of Offaly, the lakes and beautiful countryside are an ideal area for walkers, climbers and nature lovers. So, once again please contact us for Healing and an experience of a rejuvinated lifetime.
Colin is possibly the world's most successful Natural Healer who travels worldwide and is available to provide genuine and successful Healing, either publicly or at private sessions. Please - don't miss the opportunity to receive his wonderful personal healing. He has a weekly public clinic and a daily distant healing program and if you wish to nominate any person's or animal's needs you can guarantee he will give them full and immediate attention.
As a reminder, Colin as a Visionary and Healer really does heal animals, horses, cats and dogs - not just people.
Email : colinolouis@gmail.com or phone 003330062537, mobile Ireland 00353873984327
God's Love, Joy in appreciation and Blessings to you all.

As Colin Louis, I was planetary birthed the seventh child on the cusp of the seventh and eight day of the month February. Born with a natural sacred physical mark on the temple which usually refers to a spiritual prophet or spiritual visionary.
However, with humour, this rare mark on my forehead has not been recognized or clearly acknowledged by the masses. Nor the truth of my personal knowledge and experience of alternative non-physical realms. Although I teach a vision of spiritual direction by 'seeing the unseen' and produce modern visionary statements concerning the origins of consciousness and this multi-dimensional so-called universe (which is merely a connection of interwoven clusters), I honor my natural gifts and continue to use the astounding healing gifts, by choice I remain almost internationally unrecognized. Many of my instant healing acts have been acknowledged as miracles, restoring peoples health at any distance within a short space of time. My informed humility, integrity and deep passion to heal are a few signs of a desired self-discipline to keep an intense focus on the daily needs of those who ask and seek for my help.
People call me Peculiar, Odd, 'someone beyond understanding with his peculiar origins'. A Psychic, Intuitive or a Medium who channels spirit and those who live in what can be described as the realms of an after-life, and realms of a non physical nature.
For me, I am in a magnetic field of energies that pulsate an a spontaneous informal manner in and around the cocoon of physical matter. This physical and non-physical energy allows me to see within the physical, emotional, spiritual body of people and animals to identify imbalances of health that are the effects of personal life styles. I blend and meld into the person's energy body to experience a closeness of their imbalances. It is this which can be labelled 'Healing' - Although all I am doing is having a dialogue with the person and their history. This information allows me to 'read' the person's needs to resolve any problems or disorders.
The presence of this self-contained circulation of energy radiates in such a powerful fashion that can only be described as LOVE and JOY. This energy relates with me and the information connects to me from what I describe as the SOURCE, and in doing so allows me to maintain a connection that is beyond this physical source and perhaps beyond the comprehension of others. I hold information which relates to matters beyond the sciences and education of a physical humanity. For this experience of a human life to be present in this manner and in this fashion only illuminates the love and dedication to give it unconditionally. Of course there is more to the nature of my Being, and to my Becoming. If you are interested please get in touch.

We have updated this site for our busy activities as 2018 is now established.
On the main active side, Colin continues to travel delivering his non-human Vision and Healing, currently in the beautiful Republic of Eire, presenting amazing visualisations, with his experiences and knowledge of 'beyond human consciousness, Perpetuality and unconditional non-human love'.
The distant (Instant) Healing list is extraordinary as with additional instant healing as the requests flow in from around the world. Not just with people in need, but with animals which could not be cured by alternative chemicals - his unique non-physical experiences brought restoration of health for many. There have been so many smiles from relief (and almost disbelief) from those healed in a few moments. These and many many other cures, not temporary but full recovery has taken place for people over these past months This is just a small continuing account of Colin's exciting work with healing people, animals and nature. He says,'Restoring and recovering people's broken faith and trust in their personal health and that of their loved ones including animals is a lifelong spiritual bonus. Quote. 'I am only a humble servant doing the Divine Eternal will. I come from beyond the resonance of Eternity and count my gifts as a blessing and it is my deepest love and desire to serve the Divine and most sacred will, as best I can.'
We have to pay tribute to others working alongside us, none more special than those of our friends. To all our friends here in Ireland, to those in Australia, Finland, America, Columbia, Spain, France, Scotland, England and Switzerland, New Zealand and other countries of Europe - it looks like more wonderful eventful years of passion ahead.
The forecast for 2018 towards 2019 is about 'Opening' while 2017 was about 'Heart Awakening through Conflict' and promises continued transformation at a high level globally and high level on a personal basis. It is another year of feminine energy so we will all continue to see changes in the roles of women and children. There will be solar flares and many other planetary disturbances and new discoveries of another planet, not to say political upheavals with social drama. The emotional period of turmoil continues through the past December 2015 into 2019 so expect changes in personal heart matters. I ask that you love yourselves, keep your awareness on your heart. There is genuine 'Goodness and those searching for goodness'...be careful how you use words like 'Bad, or Evil' and try to undo your education of 'Duality'...there are always people who are searching for goodness, so raise your awareness of their needs and the tireless potential to communicate with each other..spread your wings.
I remain excited and as ever I am totally devoted to my work, night and day. I continue to channel my extrasensory friends'with special messages from among the physical star systems, so please feel free to contact me for personalized messages. Thus, the dedicated desire to work more globally is a thrilling proposition, again, please tell your friends and those who have needs that I am here to help you, non-stop, no nonsense and without any fuss or bother.
My Natural, Intuitive Healing, and my open Transformational Vision and philosophy will touch everyone, regardless of race, creed, religion or language.
Everyone needs the joy of Healing, all at different levels. It offers people an opportunity to dsicover a life free from pain and discomfort.
According to the many who respond, Colin's growing success is internationally unique, remarkable and genuine, some have called it miraculous, extraordinary and unbelievable - warranting greater international attention. However, the passionate desire to have our own 'Healing Centre' still drives us, funding is as important as networking so we still reach out with expectations to receive gifts from other interested parties wishing to get financially involved with the project. To make a donation of appreciation, please contact Colin on lisheenbay@gmail.com. colinolouis@gmail.com.
Colin has also been actively involved with those suffering from 'Sports Injuries' with genuine lasting results. If those who are reading this have anything closely resembling such injuries please get in touch and receive lasting benefits.
As Irene and Colin so often say, people's personal healing needs are unlimited - and now Irene and Colin give their full attention to them, dealing with all levels of awareness.
Delightfully, distant heart and soul healing continues to produce positive results. Now the once extraordinary healing results no longer appear unusual. Most of it is about individual self-belief that it is not necessary to suffer, and to put 'Self Trust' in Colin - now recognized as one of the world's most gentle and successful Healers with a pure heart energy - who..as well as in the active Healing process works tirelessly through the day and night, giving all those who have asked his full healing attention. The vision of their Healing Centre internationally looms excitingly closer each day. And, although it still needs greater financial support Colin and Irene are confident their aims will be achieved.
Miracles really do happen and they happen regularly, so with truth love and joy - please spread the word that Colin is always on hand and won't let anyone down.,
Irene too has been working her gentle, persuasive magical psychotherapautic touch with Irish, Spanish, French, Polish and English clients and has worked with a professional horse trainer to give a program of personal development psychology with horses. So watch this space and contact Irene personally.
Just accept, Our Healing will change your life.
Another comment from Colin : 'Hi,a huge thank you, to those who send e-mails, I do get round to them and you are instantly on my healing list and in my nightly program of love and precious vision....the success continues, so have faith in yourselves and in the Divine healing work. Have a truly joyful year ahead. If you need my healing I am here, twenty four hours a day.'
Contact me.colinolouis@gmail.com. Please do not use Outlook Express for sending mail. Google.com and any other mail server will do.
Or if you are closer, phone and speak to him via Skype. st.claire1 from Offaly, Ireland.