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General Irene and Colin are currently available in the Republic of Ireland, Europe and Internationally so please email or phone for updated courses, lectures and Colin's healing information. Please do not use Outlook Express.
colinolouis@gmail.com and lisheenbay@gmail.com

Healing. Seeing the Unseen Colin and Irene's Healing Workshop is aimed at helping each individual make positive progress towards Self-Realisation.
Course Details include:
The background to Colin and Irene's World Healing Mission and their personal Vision.
Seeing the Unseen
The Voice of Your Soul.
Vision for a World Healing Centre.
The Ways to Success and the Laws of Spiritual Success.
Meditation Healing techniques
Working with Healing Energy
The Healing Light of Love
The Fun of Personal Development
The Principles of Life
Towards Greater Self-Realisation
Everyday Spiritual Tools for Living in 'The Now'
Exercising your Heart Centre and your Soul.
Because this is a unique and specialised Course not just held in Spain but Internationally, please ask Colin for details.
colinolouis@gmail.com. Please do not use Outlook Express, but any other mail server such as google gmail will do.
Phone. 003532838796.

Seing The Unseen. To be announced in Cork A Unique factual workshop/study and lecture.
An introduction to expanding personal awareness through the medium of alternative multi-dimensional realms of consciousness.
The Issues of Perpetuality: of the continuity of life and how physical terms do not truly evaluate the reality of a physical and non physical existence.
Simplifying the many mistaken belief systems that focus on a deliberate pattern of misinformation.
Instant cleansing of harmful energies and other powerful exercises.
The diverse nature of your soul/spirit as a life-changing medium of communication.
A meaningful breakdown of The Three Vital Elements of Existence.
Colin will produce spiritual elements of information that have never been made public.
And much, much more.