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Colin Louis

Colin Louis is a Spiritual Leader, Visionary, Protector and gifted Psychic Healer with several years’ international experience. As a dynamic healer, his approach is innovative, gentle and startlingly effective. He intuitively scans bodies to see just what is needed to transform even long-standing disabilities. By touching the meridian points mainly in the fingers, toes and feet, he uses the body’s natural electricity to stimulate the brain. The human body is therefore able to holistically operate on itself, thus dissolving pain and enabling chronic physical problems to be repaired, often in one session.

Colin’s highly regarded international courses are based on teaching his Personal Vision, The Esoteric Arts, The Kabbalah and The Tree of Life, Creative writing, Personal Development, Meditation and recognising the Earth’s Nature Spirits and Elementals. He specialises in helping to recognise the true nature of our inner and outer spiritual gifts, the empowerment of taking responsibility for ourselves and our vital leadership potential.
Colin is also a lecturer, successful writer, author and artist. His extensive travels and studies in Mythology and Celtic Folklore serve as the basis for his trilogy of fantasy novels, ‘The Brantu Chronicles’, two of which (‘Brantu’ and ‘Elidor, The Forbidden Kingdom’) have already been published. He has also written three other books on Science Fiction plus an original Mystery Thriller currently in the pipeline for publishing.