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Click thumbnail to veiw book cover The Chronicles of Brantu
Colin Louis ISBN: ISBN 1 876344 07 5
Book 1 of an enchanting tale based on Celtic folklore.
This re-creation of fairie characters is drawn from the folklore of Ireland, Scotland, England and Europe. Elves, Hobgoblins, conniving witches, pirates, a powerseeking sorceress and a cast of thousands meet in this adventure of the mind where Middle Earth creatures, fairies and Firbolgs, Marsh Dwarfs and a malevolent source of power clash in an engrossing struggle between Good and Evil.
There is more to come as revealed in Books 2 'ELIDOR The Forbidden Kingdom'- now published alongside Book 3. 'The Strangers Stone'.
All three books are available internationally on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
Colin also has two other novels on Amazon..
The Eye of Allah. A fast moving fact/fiction adventure based upon a real historical event.
The Fourteenth Step. An exciting very readable fact/fiction historical science fiction adventure story.
Click thumbnail to veiw book cover Elidor
Colin Louis ISBN: 1-4259-0499-8
Elidor: The Forbidden Kingdom is the second book of The Chronicles of Brantu trilogy. The engrossing and extraordinary encounters between Hog-Dwarfs, conniving witches, Elves, Dragons, Hobgoblins, Pirates and a host of characters from a hidden world are unforgettably brought to life.
His third book, 'The Strangers Stone' has now been completed and is ready for publication
Click thumbnail to veiw book cover Releasement
Irene Louis ISBN: 1-4259-2977-X
Releasement: The story of Irene’s spiritual journey which led her from studying hypno-psychotherapy into past life regression, spirit releasement and soul retrieval.It is a handbook for beginners seeking to learn how to make sense of their lives, physically, emotionally and psychically as well as an aid for professional hypnotherapists who wish to explore the spiritual dimension their work. ‘..You’ll love this book because Irene writes very openly, in a warm, conversational tone, about her personal journey….
There is a good deal of enjoyment to be had from the read, as well as exposure to ideas that can be used in your therapy’. (Trevor Silvester, author, Wordweaving, Hypnotherapy Journal, Autumn 2007)
Irene is now working on her exciting new book 'Whispers' so watch this space for publication information, or email her to get a personal review.