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Colin and Irene Louis have dedicated most of their lives to Professional Therapy, Intensive Spiritual and Intuitive Healing, Channeling and Personal Direction.
Colin's unique channeled messages, as a non-human entity, with alternative realms, share a direct interest in the process of a conscious heart centred illumination for humanity. He is understandably conscious of being subjected to alternative theories of his definitions, such s being a genuine non-human personality with direct knowledge of such vast intelligence.
Now, publicly as the originator of 'Seeing the Unseen' and 'The Objective of Perpetuality' his ancient wisdom is aided through the guidance of natural inspiration by Channeling other Ancient Elders - offering extraordinary experiences with direct messages for global knowledge of a major transformational process.
Colin, recognized as one of the world most amazing intuitive and instinctive healers is a genuine Modern Day Visionary and Philosophical Spiritual Leader who has an amazing personal history of non-physical spiritual consciousness.
Colin teaches the concept of who ' Who We Are' as multidimensional organisms of consciousness which is away from the self obsessed label 'I AM'
He is a remarkable 'non-human' individual, offering a wealth of amazing philosophical and unconventional messages and exercises for beyond the whole world's ascension process - plus details of 'The Spectrum of Consciousness' and related origins of consciousness this multidimensional experienced humanity mis-label 'The Universe'.
As a gifted writer, visionary, poet, philosopher, and spiritual world teacher, cosmic scientist, with non human origins, Colin is now recognized as this century's most vibrant philosopher of 'Seeing the Unseen, 'Perpetuality' an explanation to the absolute of perpetual consciousness, and an active and remarkably successful Healer with animals and people, (some call him a truly Miracle Man) with busy international clinics not just in Ireland, but throughout the world.
Unconditionally, Colin continues to give his full time gifts to any who need healing and personal guidance. Neither distant linked Healing nor guidance is a problem. Colin quietly and with humility believes that his successful and extraordinary Healing and Vision for life offers people a richer life with greater awareness of personal potential. Full time means just what it says, with no gimmicks or gaps between. Night and day you will receive his unique personal healing.
Now living in among the faerie glens of Shinrone, Roscrea, County Offaly. Ireland. Colin's purpose of existence and inspirational philosophical work continues, he has healing results with people and animals suffering from all manner of illness' and discomfort, so please contact him direct for advice and ways to receive his full attention. He is available for teaching, lecturing tours, and will give public demonstrations of his remarkable healing talent and to lecture on his unique channeled vision for the world through our Illuminated Heart's Centre. His motto is 'Expect a Miracle' and believes nothing is beyond his ability to transform illness into wellness of mind and body. His open vision of the power of our heart centre is remarkable and challenges the philosophy of feminine power as being the sole influence of our mind body and spirit- and that the human relationship with our ancestors is vital to the survival of mankind on this planet.
‘On Reflection’ is a chance to receive deep and powerful Personal Transformative Spiritual Healing and become involved with a new world challenge through Colin's amazing global Vision. This is not to be dismissed as it is a serious message for the whole world of humanity who are seeking guidance with a new vision for life and happiness through an Ascension process. A process involving the seen and unseen dimensions of all life.
Colin is available personally as an on-line inspirational lecturer, Spiritual Healer, philosopher, non-human visionary with the global ascension process and Teacher, World Healer and Horse/Animal Whisperer.
Irene is a professionally qualified hypno/psychotherapist, past-life regression therapist and author - individually or together they provide the most positive direct and gentle means to help you.
Irene is a successful author, writer and professional hypno-psychotherapist who specialises in past-life regression, spirit releasement and soul retrieval which is especially helpful in treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Irene has written a self-help book entitled: Releasement - This Life, Past Life, Other Life.(available from Amazon Books). 'Whispers' and is currently writing her third exciting period novel, 'Gabrielle's Ghost' and lastly 'Jacosa's Legacy'. She has translated 'The Boy who set himself free' from Spanish to English, a soul touching book about dealing with bullying by Barbara Meneses Montgomery. These wonderful books are available on the Internet through Lulu.com.www.lulu.com/product/e-book-download/the-boy-who-set-himself-free, and Amazon.co.uk

Colin is an utterly unique individual, experiencing his pre-birth into humanity as a non-physical entity who is without question a truly remarkable un-recognised Prophet of Truth, Visionary and Natural Healer who holds a daily International Healing Clinic in Shinrone, Offaly plus that of one monthly in Skibbereen, Co.Cork, Ireland. Besides this 24 hour commitment, with amazing and miraculous results either from distant linked healing or personal one-to-one, he is available to conduct and demonstrate instructive healing and spiritual workshops around the world. Please contact either Colin or Irene for availability, or if we can be of any other assistance please let us know.
Colin also offers very powerful knowledge and successful lectures on channeling the Source, the interdimensional ascension process plus the necessity of the feminine powers of our hearts.
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Irene's new web site is www.heart-light-awakening.com
Colin: colinolouis@gmail.com
Irene: ireneolouis@googlemail.com
Colin now has his Books published internationally through Amazon.com. The exciting Faerie Fable Trilogy of 'The Chronicles of Brantu'. The Eye of Allah, The Fourteenth Step and with three more works in progress.